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I want to help everyone have a good life and be well

This is for you who are curious about understanding human phenomenons and is also interested in science. It's important stuff, and at the same time, something that most will just brush away and keep living their lives as it is.

The content is for you who is curious about objective input, these are not completely my opinions, I'm simply sharing what is one way to look at it and what results say.

The link which is attached goes to a text which is quite long, if you read it, it might shift your view on things.

I want to share this, even tough I don't know the writer and I don't understand even half of it and I also don't agree with everything.

I want to share it because I want those who have and might take damage of questionable practitioners of new-age psychotherapy, like hypnotheraphy, healing, NLP, etc. It's not the methods themselves, it's the people behind and their ignorance that is the reason.

These pure new-age pseudosciences are based on the principal cognitive bias of subjective validation, which means that people will consider a statement or another piece of information to be correct if it has any personal meaning or significance to them.

That is why it works, you can't test and come to a scientific solution. That's the reality.

I write PURE methods, because you might blend them with scientific stuff into a great product, just keep them separated.

I won't call a table a chair, if the chair is clearly a chair. I'm supporting using the table as a table and the chair as a chair, and also to use both at the same time, it's a good combination and can increase your life quality.

These non-scientific ideas are really coming from philosophy, spirituality and religion, these are completely fine and have their place. Call them for what they are.

Then there is areas which you can study scientifically, like CBT, ACT psychotheraphy, social psychology, behavioral science, etc.

These two sorts can be combined and used at the same time in different settings. You may also just use what you need for what you want to do, and just execute.

Anything can work and have an effect, just call the effect out. Don't say it's proven that the method works, if it's placebo instead. The result is the same, the reason is different, and that's fine.

Don't claim to know that a certain thing is the reason for all problems, like childhood trauma, humans are capable for creating memories that they have not experienced, therefore you are not allowed to use that kind of techniques in crime interrogations or interviewing witnesses anymore.

Some people have made believe they have been captured by aliens and had tubes put in the mouth and rectum. Other believes they are attacked by rituals of a secret satanic cult. Other are made to belive they have been sexually assaulted, when they have not. These are crazy stories, but they happen all the time.

You may laugh, but the thruth is, anyone may fall into this pattern and belief, IF their situation is bad enough. When you search for help and your life is upside down, you are vulnerable for these kind of stuff.

An example:

Using Simplistic Techniques

Taking the dearly held assumption, some therapists will then concoct a treatment (or will have learned one at a workshop) based on their preferred belief system. Some of these treaments are terrible simplistic and may play out as follows:

Technique A

1) On the therapist´s urging, acknowledge that your parents had a terrible influence on you and, just as the therapist says, your mother was especially cold and unloving.

2) Let the therapist hold you like a baby.

3) Put on a diaper and drink from a baby bottle, which you should carry with you at all times.

4) Now you are better, if not cured.

Technique B

1) Relax and let the therapist hypnotize you.

2) While in the trance state, go back to a past life (guided by the therapist) and describe who you are, where you are, and what is going on.

3) Look for and encounter the traumatic event that took place during this other lifetime.

4) Afterward, in discussion with the therapist, you will come to an “insight” about how your past-life experiences are interfering with present-day events and actions.

Other examples:

5) He or she claims to know what your problem is and how to fix it, even though no thorough history of you has been taken. (The Savant Idiot)

6) He or she claims that you must be hypnotized in order to discover either hidden memories or hiding entities which are causing your problems. (The Exorcist)

7) He or she specializes not in treating people for specific problems such as depression or anxiety, but rather in treating people as if all problems have an identical cause. (The Johnny-One-Note)

8) He or she claims to have a technique which works miracles or works like magic, curing those who had heretofore been considered hopeless. (The Miracle Worker)

9) He or she has a checklist which is claimed to be an excellent way to find out if you suffer from whatever the therapist specializes in, and you have enough checks to qualify. (The Scientist)



This is a long post, but the list goes on.

I want to repeat: It's not the method or theory itself, it's how it's used and by who. I'm not against the methods themsleves, there is a place for both scientific areas and spiritual, religious and philosophical ones. But please call them for what they are and don't mix it all up.

I therefore don't claim to fix all your mental or physical problems with one method, I don't heal you and I don't have a magic power that I can direct to you. Or any other claim these "gurus" claim.

Instead I'm here to serve you on your path, raise self-knowledge and insights, promote reflection and trust in your ability to think for yourself and critical thinking. I'm not trying to convince you of my thruth and world-view and stick it down you throat.

You are free to be of other opinion than me, please be, you are the one who know yourself best and what's best for you. I can simply mirror and support you with your limiting beliefs, increasing your confidence, character and assertivity.

Please challenge my world-view, as I don't know best.

I use exercises, theory and material from different areas and I have a program that I believe in 100%. I know it can create results, and it's up to you to decide if you are with me or not. Either way I'm happy. Because I know that what you believe in, will work for you. And a good program will work, even if you don't belive in it.

You don't need to belive in the toothfairy or Santa Claus or any other person or magical stuff, in order to see results of my program.

If you want, we can work together through the program and after that I know you will see results, if you do your part. I am confident you can make it, it's not a demanding program, you invest your time and motivation and it will be great. I'm happy to share more, would you be interested in taking your career and life to the next level.

Here's the link to the page:

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