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Have you thought about a new job or task from inside your organization?

Are you looking for a new job? Are you currently employed?

Have you thought about a new job or task from inside your organization?

This could actually be a good opportunity for you. You don’t have to leave your current employer, just because you want a change in your life.

You don’t have to spend time on long interview rounds and pre-assingments. A change internally often work out way more smoother than changing employer.

If your supervisor or manager doesn’t support your want for change and development, your supervisor is not so smart.

A smart one supports you in any direction you would like to go, and hopes that you can still share the same path.

When you apply for internal position, you should apply seriously, like for any other job. I did the mistake of assuming I would get an internal position, so I did not prepare very well.

The interview didn’t go well and I felt discouraged, I learned my lesson and now I take every opportunity I’m interested in seriously.

I think we all have been to interviews where we don’t actually want the job, or are not sure if we want it. We have some concerns and if they are intensified, we are not that interested and that shows. You have to be on interviews to actually learn how to perform on them, so I would say you need a couple of try-outs, before you take on the big one, the job you want.

Applying internally takes away much of that interview process, they know you already so you can skip that part. What you need to share is where you are now and what kind of value you could bring for this position, why is this moment a good one for you to take on this task or position? Answer that question and you are good.

Before you apply, you should also think about if you want to get promoted vertically or go horizontally, like from administration to customer service. There are no right or wrongs, but if you don’t think about it, you might only apply for that promotion, without knowing why you want it. If you want to get promoted, ask for it!

So many people wait a lifetime to get promoted, to be seen by some hero who will give them the key to the paradise, to fulfill their dreams etc.

Many perform very well or super-achieve and are just above their maximum capacity, and therefore they won’t get promoted, because they are already at their capacity. Ask for it, and show that you can take on more tasks! For some their career progression is more like a series of unrelated events and they are relying on chance. Other have a well-thought out plan for their career, which lead them forward, you don’t have to be too strict about it, still you need a guiding light.

If you would like to create that kind of plan, I could possibly help you with that. I’m not bound by any type of career or profession, what we need to find out, is that if we understand each other and can work together, and if this is something that would suit you now at this stage. Because there are different services, depending where you are in your journey.

I would love to help and support you, please feel free to raise your hand and show yourself so that I can see you.

Here are some advantages of a internal organizational job change:

1. New skills, and deepening of current ones.

2. You get a deeper understanding of your current organization and you can show up as an valued expert.

3. Supports your well-being, you want some variation in your life, you can get out of routines.

4. Your network grows and you can hopefully keep your current contacts and colleguages at work.

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