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Coaching is flexible and i love it as much as my clients do

Uppdaterat: 2 aug. 2022

Feels so good to be able to coach IRL again. There's much more you can do when you are in the same room. Video is also good, the difference is not that big. Variety is nice and this time was really fun. Where the magic happens, that's gonna be coaching with me. A safe zone where you can securely step outside your comfort zone and practise, before you actually do it, I don't belive in just forcing yourself into the danger zone or unconfortable zone just like that. Small steps goes a long way.

I have some open space for new clients soon. Send me a message to see if we can find some common ground. If this is something for you now and we are able to plan for an agreement, it might happen. This is only just if I'm able to help you in the first place I'm helping nice guys break free from their career shackles by a holistic career coaching program. So that they can get clear about who they are and start being who they are, in every situation. Stop doing what doesn't lead forward and start living with confidence and determination, creating the life that you want. It start from the career and may spill over to other areas. It's only you who is holding yourself back, i can help with that. Nice gals are also welcome.

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